Acacia Industries, Carla Maynard

 Our Mission

To be the leading national provider of roadway and construction-safety products & solutions.



                                    Our Core Values

Technology Integration


We believe that technology can be leveraged to improve Traffic and Construction Safety.  We incorporate hardware and software into our internal processes to improve our operational efficiency and effectiveness.  We also look for opportunities to integrate technology into our products to add value to our customers.



Customer Satisfaction


Our team is committed to providing quality customer service by ensuring that we communicate effectively, respond to messages promptly, maintain a friendly attitude, pay attention to detail, honor our commitments, and go the extra mile for our clients.



We take pride in the work we do.  We respect our customers and each other.  We  demonstrate professionalism by following simple, important guidelines in everything we do.  Excellence is a clear-cut expectation of our team, and is clearly communicated throughout our organization.





As evidenced by the products and services we provide for our customers, safety is an important aspect of our organization. We take ownership and hold ourselves accountable in demonstrating excellence in safety.  We value our customers and every member of our team.  As a result, we incorporate safety into our processes, procedures and practices. We conduct regularly scheduled safety meetings. We also set safety goals and objectives for our team.